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In order to finalize the exercise of renunciation of Uganda Citizenship, the following should be submitted

to the Embassy:

1.     A Cover letter written by the Applicant addressed to:

“H.E. The Ambassador

Embassy of the Republic of Uganda



informing him of the intention to renounce Ugandan citizenship

Hand written letter informing of the decision and reason for renouncing Ugandan citizenship.

Uganda Passport to be surrendered.

3.     Original Letter offering new citizenship with English translated copy.

Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship Form should be signed under oath and stamped by a Magistrate or Commissioner of Oaths. Any additional information added to the certificate, by the Magistrate/Commissioner for Oaths /Notary Public must be translated into English.

5.     A fee of Dkk 224 WITHOUT BANK CHARGE. Bank details are: Reg No: 4001 Account No: 4001072765   SWIFT: DABADKKK, IBAN NO:DK 113000 4001 072 765

Note that application fees are nonrefundable even when your application has been denied, or for any other reason.

On receipt of the above, the Embassy will write a letter acknowledging your renunciation of Uganda citizenship, and issue you with a letter of release. Please enclose an envelope to send you back the certificate


1.     Where a person ceases to be a citizen of Uganda, he or she shall be regarded as a citizen or national of the country, of which he or she was a citizen or national before becoming a Ugandan citizen.

Where a person ceases to be a Ugandan citizen, he or she shall cease to enjoy the rights of a Ugandan citizen except rights to property acquired legally while the person was a citizen.

Where a person ceases to be a Ugandan citizen, he or she shall not thereby be discharged from any obligation, duty or liability in respect of any act done or committed before he or she ceased to be a citizen of Uganda.


1.     A person who was a citizen of Uganda by birth and who on acquiring the citizenship of another country renounced his or her Ugandan citizenship, may apply to the Board in the prescribed manner to re-acquire his or her former Ugandan citizenship.

The Board may allow a former Ugandan citizen to re-acquire his or her Ugandan citizenship if it is satisfied that the grounds for the loss of his or her Ugandan citizenship are of no adverse effect to the public order and security of Uganda.

A person who re-acquires Ugandan citizenship under this section shall be required to take the oath of allegiance.

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