Repatriation Remains


  1. A Death Certificate from Hospital, or any extract from the Registrar of Death.
  2. A Certificate of Embalming of the remains.  This is obtainable from theDepartment of Pathology.
  3. A Certificate of Sealing.  The remains have to be laid in a Zinc coffin, surrounded by a wooden coffin.  This is referred to as hermetically sealed.
  1. A Certificate of Transportation of the remains (Laisser-passer) for a corpse out of the country (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland)).
  2. A Certificate to indicate that death was not caused by contagious disease.
  3. A Permit for corpse, this is a requirement in the Nordic Region.
  4. Four copies of the bio data page of the Passport of the deceased. (which will bear full names, date of birth).
  5. a)It must be noted that the deceased will be identified according to her Passport see No. 7 above.
  6. b)All the documents should be translated in English, and to be sent to the

Embassy of the Republic of Uganda, Sofievej 15, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark, where we shall verify that documents are authentic, and issued by the authorized Nordic country official(s).

  1. c)The sealing certificate should be issued by funeral directors.  Please note that it is necessary to have a family/friend/next of kin representative present when coffin is being sealed.

Further information can be obtained from the nearest Funeral Parlor  your country of residence.