Emergency Travel Requirements


1. Complete Form ‘A’, ‘B’’, ’C’, ’D’ and ‘E’

2. Three (3) passport size photographs

3. Police report

4. Letter addressed to the Head of Mission stating the reason for Travel Document

5. Fee: DKK 150.00

Applicants may be requested to provide additional supporting documentation in addition to the above. Note: i) An Emergency Travel Document is a one-way travel document to Uganda and it ii) can only be issued after exhaustive inquiries have been made. iii) Passport reported lost will be declared null and void. iv) Application for an Emergency Travel Document for Minors (under 16) must be accompanied by: a) Written consent from parents c) Original Birth Certificate b) Passports of the parents d) One passport photograph of each parent. No cash shall be received at the Embassy. All payments should be made at the time of application. The fee, once paid and receipted is not refundable.


Den Danske Bank,

Holmens Kanal Branch

Private Banking International

2, Holmens Kanal

DK – 1090 Copenhagen K.


Reg. No 4001

Account No . 4001072765

IBAN NO: DK 113000 4001 072 765

 Applicants outside Denmark should include an additional fee of DKK 50.00

Download the Emergency Travel Required documents below:

Download Form A Download Form B Download Form C 
  Download Form D  Download Form E