Ambassador’s Presentation





MAY 12,2018



What do you understand by “Personality“?

What are the qualities that define you?
What is your distinctive
What are your

Could I be right when I say, Personality= Character= Qualities+

  • Tell me qualities that define you without much thinking;

Is it: Honesty, Assertiveness, Flexibility, Problem solving,
Effective communication,
Integrity, Enthusiasm, Empathy,
Strive not to disappoint, Efficient, Reliable, Attributes,
Discipline or
Openness to experience?

Any number from five and above that you find in yourself guides
your self-definition.

  • what’s your distinctive character, what are your values?

What distinguishes you from others?
What is unique about you?

What is that you have special or that you value most?

Time management, Courage, Focus, Result oriented,
, Respect of others, Perseverance, Self-drive,
Trustworthy, Tolerance, Self-control, Listening
or Thoroughness.

Proper understanding of your personality facilitates

broadening of your mind and living for a purpose.

What’s your living purpose?

Our success is in direct reference to what our purpose and our
meaning in life is.

The purpose of life is to have a purpose in life. Your fate is in
your own hands, and the choice is yours.

“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s
to do, and then do it.” Henry Ford

Your personality, your distinctive character and purpose will
provide for the achievement of your dreams.

What is your passion in life?

What is it that inspires you most?

What does it take to be like those that inspire you?

Identify your talent, pick up yourself by upholding your qualttles,
strengthening your character and building your personality to
ctearly, consistently and constantly pursue your dreams.

This can only be achieved with positive attitudes.

What attitudes to you attract in your mind? Positive or

The greatest teachers who have lived have told us that the law
of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe.

Attitude is one’s greatest asset or liability. If you choose
attitudes, believe me or not, your life will be negative.
If you choose positive ottitudes, your life will be positive.

It is this law of attraction that determines the complete order of
universe, every moment in your life, and everything you
experience in your life.

It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are, the law of
attraction is forming your entire life
experience, and this all-
powerful law is doing that through your thoughts.

You are the one who calls the law of attraction into action, and
you do it through your thoughts.

You cannot do anything unlawful or bad things without having
had the thought in your mind before.

I like using examples of myself not to offend anyone. For 

example, when someone refers to me as a black person, that
makes my day which may not be the case with some other
people. Do you know why it makes be
so happy?

Am I black?

If yes, where is the origin of black people?
If Africa, where is the origin of humans?

Modern humans originated in Africa within the last 200,000
years from a single group of ancestors. Therefore, why feel sad?
It is your thought making you sad!!

“As a man thinks in his heart, so he is” Proverbs 23:7.


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Albert Einstein.

Ambassador Zaake W. Kibedi on front seat, Mr. Aligo Francis Social Worker on right and Mr. Ane Divine J Legal Adviser

A core set of qualities and values, which defines someone’s
character, promotes success in many aspects of life.

“By the right choice and application of thoughts, a man can
reach any level of greatness, but by the wrong choice and
application, he can sink
to the level of a beast.” Rino Solberg

Successful people pursue dreams or vision where their qualities,
and character give them comparative advantage along
with satisfaction.

Personality traits are relatively enduring patterns of thoughts,
feelings and behaviors that reflect the tendency
to respond in
certain ways under certain circumstances.

To emphasize this point I will use the example of this very

How many young people in and around Copenhagen do you
think heard of this workshop?

How many have turned up? First, turning up is a positive
attitude. You will not go back home the same. Secondly, what
qualities and values do you relate
to this positive attitude?
Openness to experience, Flexibility, for some it may be honoring
the invitation and
respect to the invitor- in this case David

How many have learned something for own betterment? What
could be the attached qualities?
Assertiveness, Focus,
Enthusiasm, Self-drive, Listening
, or Strive not to disappoint.

How many kept time? Time management value.

People can compensate for their shortfalls in one dimension by
having strengths in other dimensions.

When does one become a man or a woman for purposes of this
workshop? Don’t say age! Growing up and growing old is never
the same.

Growing old is mandatory while growing up is optional by
choice. This draws back
to self-definition/ attitude and purpose
of living.

How do you build a good personality?

3Cs: Clarity/ Consistency and Constant with one’s characteristic
qualities and values.

“You should always mean everything you say/ but you should
not always say everything you mean.

How do you broaden your mind?

KEP: Knowledge/ Experience and Practice.

I will conclude with some inspirational quotations to facilitate
for reflection on
my presentation;

“Overcome fear/ Boost self-esteem/ Create success/ Claim your
inner strength/ make your dreams come true” Dr. Joe Ticho

“Only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Franklin Roosevelt
“Whatever you do in life/ surround yourself with smart people
who will argue with you.
N Michel F. Bolle

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe/ it can
N Napoleon Hill

“Life is about making an impact/ not making an income/ N Kevin

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse. N
Florence Nightngale


A winner is a dreamer who never gives up. N Nelson Mandela

And finally

Stop complaining, nobody is listening, Pick up
yourself and pursue your dreamsZaake
W. Kibedi.






The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in the Nordic Countries hereby notifies all our esteemed clients of a dangerous visa scam perpetuated by this website to convince applicants travelling to Uganda. The website charges astronomical fees as well.


 a)Official Government of Uganda e-visa website is:

 b).The visa fees are:

                     Visas                                                                           Fees

  1. Diplomatic/Official Visas (on official duty)                        NIL
  2. Ordinary/Tourist Visas                                                         US $50
  3. East African Tourist Visas                                                   US $100
  4. Transit Visas                                                                         US $50
  5. Multiple Entry Visas                                                              US $100
  6. Six and Twelve Months Visas                                             US $150

 c).The genuine official application site has the DCIC Logo, the fake site does not

d). The official site has four steps to complete the application, and these are:

1.“Selecting of the application type”

2. “Fill the form”

3. “Add documents”

4. “Submit application”

d). The fake site has three.

Notice is hereby given that the Government of Uganda SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE for any kind of loss , monetary, emotional or otherwise accruing from using the Fake website which is:                  X                                                               



 The correct website is : 

Denmark has committed 945 million DKK in support of Uganda’s National Development Plan

The Danish Ambassador to Uganda and Uganda’s Minister of Finance, Hon. Kasaija, entered into a new five-year partnership for 2018-2022. Denmark has committed 945 million DKK in support of Uganda’s National Development Plan to the benefit of the Ugandan people.

The partnership has three objectives: 1) Contribute to poverty reduction through inclusive and sustainable economic development; 2) Promote democracy, good governance and human rights and 3) Support Uganda’s stabilizing role in the region. Support will be provided through eight engagement partners, namely Inspectorate of Government, Financial Management and Accountability Programme, Agricultural Business Initiative, TradeMark East Africa, Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative, Democratic Governance Facility – DGF, UNFPA Uganda and Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI).

Danish company fueling a cleaner future in Uganda


C F Nielsen looking to turn everyday food waste into a usable and more sustainable energy source












C F Nielsen, a small company from north Jutland, is developing a machine that can turn everyday food waste into a usable and more sustainable form of fuel that can be used for cooking.

The plan is to try it out next year in Kampala, Uganda, which – like many other developing nations – is heavily reliant on wood and coal as energy sources, much to the detriment of the surrounding environment and forest ecosystems.

“We need to stop the deforestation,” Mogens Slot Knudsen, the head of C F Nielsen, told DR Nyheder.

“What we do here is use waste products from agriculture or other areas, so people don’t need to chop down trees and forests.”

Waste to fuel
Through the process of ‘briquetting’ – a process in which raw materials are compressed under high pressure to form a round or square briquette – the company produces small blocks of material that can be used for heating purposes.

Anything from corn stalks, both peanut shells and sugar cane refuse can be transformed into an alternative for other unsustainable fuel sources.

The new briquette machine has been helped along via the support of Access 2 innovation, a collection of civil organisations, companies, research centers and authorities dedicated to generating sustainable projects and solutions abroad.

Business Delegation from Nordic Countries

Business delegation taking part in the cultural dance at carnival

Business delegation from Denmark, Iceland and Sweden were in Uganda since 19th of November to 28 Nov 2017 exploring business opportunities in areas of; Agribusiness, IT, renewable energy, Infrastructure and hospitality.  The projects in which they have shown interest include but not limited to: – Jinja/Kampala express way, BRT in Kampala, Solar power generation for off grids to rural communities of at least 10mws, waste to energy production, sustainable accommodation in some of the National parks etc.

The delegation paid a courtesy call on the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development, had a meeting with Executive Director Professor Kwesiga Uganda Industrial Research Institute, Uganda Manufactures Association officials, Ministry of Energy Officials, Local businessmen in their line of interest, Uganda Investment Authority to mention but a few and paid a courtesy call on H.E the President. The delegation toured the Murchison Falls National Park. They were introduced to the best Cultural Experience around Kampala at the Capitol Palace Hotel and the Carnivore Restaurant.

Group Photo with Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development

Executive Director  Uganda Industrial Research Institute Professor Charles Kwesiga (fourth from right) with H.E Kibedi Zaake and the Delegation from the Nordics.


They were introduced to the best cultural experience around Kampala at the carnivore Restaurant


Some members of the business delegation telling stories around the fire place at Twiga Lodge in Murchision Falls National Park.

Growing number of kids in Denmark change their gender

MODELFOTO 2011 af unge piger- - Se RB 28/12 2016 07.21. I januar gjorde Sexologisk Klinik i København det muligt for transkønnede unge at komme i hormonbehandling, inden de var fyldt 18 år. (Foto: Stig Nørhald/Scanpix 2016)

MODELFOTO 2011 af unge piger- – Se RB 28/12 2016 07.21. I januar gjorde Sexologisk Klinik i København det muligt for transkønnede unge at komme i hormonbehandling, inden de var fyldt 18 år. (Foto: Stig Nørhald/Scanpix 2016)

More than twice as many minors as expected have expressed a desire to change their gender this year.

Since January, the Sexology Clinic in Copenhagen has offered hormone treatment to minors who feel like they were born in the wrong body.
The clinic anticipated that around 50 minors would take advantage of opportunity to change their gender, but that number was surpassed in just six months and the annual estimate was increased to 130, news agency Ritzau reported on Wednesday.
In Denmark, children as young as 12 can receive hormone suppressors, also known as puberty blockers, to stunt the growth of sexual organs and suppress developments like facial hair for boys and menstruation for girls. The effects of the blockers are reversible.
Once minors reach the age of 16, they can receive full hormone treatment that is largely irreversible.
The demand for gender changes amongst children does not come as a surprise to LGBT Danmark, the national organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

Danish women top cancer stats in the Nordics

They are more often diagnosed with breast and lung cancer than their counterparts in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Danish women are more frequently diagnosed with cancer than their counterparts in other Nordic countries, reveals an analysis from the National Institute of Public Health (SDU).

In 2013, some 653 Danish women out of 100,000 were diagnosed with cancer, which is 26 percent more than in Finland and Sweden, and 10 percent more than in Norway.

Danish women rank high for most types of cancer, but top the statistics for breast and lung cancer.