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The Embassy authenticates official documents issued by recognized institutions in Uganda for use in the NORDIC countries. These include:

1. Birth Certificates

2.      Academic certificates and transcripts.

3.      Marriage certificates

4.      Holders of these documents must present the following:

1. Cover letter written by the Applicant addressed to:

“H.E. The Ambassador

Embassy of the Republic of Uganda



requesting for authentication of documents

Original document bearing the stamp and signature of issuing institution.

1. Photocopies of the document (depending on the number of copies required).

2. Authentication fee of 175DKK WITHOUT BANK CHARGE per set of documents. A set consists of one copy of each of the documents. 

Note: The Embassy will take approximately two weeks to verify the authenticity of the document with the issuing institution before endorsing it. 

Bearers of forged documents will be handed over to the authorities


1.  Two passport-sized colored photos each of groom and bride (4.5cm x 3.5cm)

2. Original passport

3. Necessary documents from Uganda, such as:

a)   Record of No Marriage from Registrar of Marriages.

b)     Affidavit from lawyer/Statutory Declaration notarized by a public lawyer indicating single status.

c).Letter from Local Council signed by the chairman and/or Letter of Parent's Consent indicating singleness.

d)  Filled-up application form (from the Embassy w/ signatures and fingerprints).

f) Registration at the embassy is mandatory prerequisite.


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