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National Flag

The Flag and the meaning


From the top, a total of six horizontal stripes of black, yellow, red, black, yellow, red.

Black symbolises our African heritage and Uganda’s fertile soil. Yellow is for the glorious sunny days, so characteristic of Uganda. Red symbolises the red blood that runs in our veins, forming a common bond to all humankind.

The majestic crested crane (Regulorum gibbericeps) is Uganda’s National Bird.
Coat of Arm
Standing on a green mound is a shield and two crossed spears. The green symbolizes Uganda’s lush, green vegetation.

Supporting the shield are the Uganda Kob (Adenota kob Thomasi), symbolizing abundance of wildlife; and the Crested Crane (Regulorum gibbericeps), Uganda’s national bird.

he shield and spears symbolize our readiness to defend our motherland against all enemies. Across the top of the shield are the waves of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake on earth.

In the centre of the shield is the sun, representing Uganda’s glorious sunny days. At the bottom of the shield is the traditional African drum, used for dancing, ceremonial rituals, and for summoning the people to rally.
Coffee and cotton, Uganda’s main cash crops, are displayed on the green mound; together with the River Nile, the world’s longest river; which starts its 8 000 km (5 000 mile) journey in Uganda.

The Uganda motto is “For God and My Country


1. Oh Uganda may God uphold thee,
We lay our future in thy hand,
United free for liberty
Together we’ll always stand.

2. Oh Uganda the land of freedom,
Our love and labour we give,
And with neighbours all,
At our country’s call
In peace and friendship we’ll live.

3. Oh Uganda! the land that feeds us,
By sun and fertile soil grown,
For our own dear land,
We shall always stand,
The pearl of Africa’s Crown.


The following English translation is not the official translation; it is a literal one merely to enable you appreciate the meaning of the content: 
We should protect/guard our Community 
We should be committed and 
stand strong 
Our unity is our anchor 
Long live our community 

1Oh God we pray 
For preservation of the East African Community; 
Enable us to live in peace; 
May we fulfil our objectives; 

2Patriotism and togetherness 
Be the pillars of our unity 
May we guard our independence 
and peace 
Our culture and traditions 

3In industries and farms 
We should work together 
We should work hard 
We should build a better Community. 

1. Ee Mungu twaomba uilinde Jumuiya Afrika Mashariki Tuwezeshe kuishi kwa amani Tutimize na malengo yetu. Jumuiya Yetu sote tuilinde Tuwajibike tuimarike Umoja wetu ni nguzo yetu Idumu Jumuiya yetu.

2. Uzalendo pia mshikamano Viwe msingi wa Umoja wetu Na tulinde Uhuru na Amani Mila zetu na desturi zetu.

3. Viwandani na hata mashambani Tufanye kazi sote kwa makini Tujitoe kwa hali na mali Tuijenge Jumuiya bora.
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